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Mr. Thimmaraju Viswapathi RamaKrishna Murthy(T.V.R.K.Murthy.), more popularly known by his pen name 'VISWAPATHI' did M.Tech from Regional Engineering College, Warangal in 1983. He was with M/S Allwyn till 1988 and then joined M.V.S.R.Engineering College, Hyderabad where he was till 1998.

Mr. Murthy has done extensive research work on the application of Vedic astrological principles to various aspects of business organizations.

Under the name of SHRI DESIGNS Mr. Viswapathi has so far selected names and designed logos for more than 6000 organisations across the world based on his vedic logo design system. All these organisations are running successfully and are spread across continents.

Mr. Murthy has so far written twenty five devotional books, fifteen of them were on LORD SRI VENKATESWARA alone. All his books have become very popular with the devotees and are being distributed freely. Devotees are experiencing miracles after reading these books. All these are written in simple style and does not require any strict religious practices like fasting etc. Mr. Viswapathi wrote each of these books following the divine order. Among these books, Ten Vratham books have become very popular with devotees. Millions of devotees across the world read these vratham books regularly and have their wishes fulfilled and are leading peaceful lives.

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